Emergency nursing development

Like many other countries the emergency departments in Mexico were considered as a critical area at the 1970’s. The First formal course was established in 2005, given the degree of Specialized Nurse at the completion of the course.

College Recognition by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico- Escuela Nacional de Enfermería y Obstetricia (National University Autonomous of Mexico and National School of Nursing and Obstetrics) (UNAM-ENEO)

➢ The length of the program is 10 months, full time.
➢ Nationwide recognized program.
➢ Foreign students allowed

As a prerequisites the candidate must hold a professional license (cedula professional), have one year experience in clinical settings and interview with the coordinators.

Although in Mexico the specialization of emergency nursing is not recognized yet by the national health systems, some private hospital chains hire emergency nurses as specialized nurses.